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Making A Great Website

A great website is one that effectively fulfills its intended purpose while providing an exceptional user experience.  At American SEO and WEB our goal is to ensure that your new website meets these goals. We work to extend content to provide a meaningful experience to the visitor.

We find that Google and other search engines are looking hard to see if your listed content meets their goals and requirements.  If those goals are meet your content will surely get ranked much higher than that of other sites.

Making a great website should be looked upon as a key extension of your business.  It should explain what your products and services are all about. Your information should be engaging to the viewer at all times.   When we look at building your new website here at American SEO and WEB, we are looking at the following criteria:

 Primary Goals


  1. Clear Purpose and Goals: American SEO and WEB will be working to make your purpose and goals clear at all times.  Having a great website knows its purpose and communicates it clearly to visitors. The website’s purpose should be evident from the moment users land on it.  We work hard to make those determinations, and ensure that we work with you to achieve this primary goal.
  2. User-Centered Design: A great user experience (UX) is paramount. The website should be easy to navigate, with a clean and intuitive layout. It should load quickly and be responsive to various devices and screen sizes. Information should be well-organized, and there should be a logical flow to the site’s structure.  If your customers don’t find your site easy to use and find information on, they won’t stay engaged to your site and will leave quickly.   Therefore, you must have a site that is engaging and attractive to your viewer.
  3. High-Quality Content: In our business of digital marketing there is an old saying…Content is king. Great websites offer valuable, relevant, and up-to-date content that meets the needs of their target audience. This includes text, images, videos, and any other media. Content should be well-written, engaging, and error-free.  If your content isn’t connecting with what your customers are needing, then it is really just useless garbage to the reader.
  4. Feed Back: Your website should be asking your visitors for their opinions at all times to help improve your site.  It is critical to be reaching out and asking visitors to engage with you. This goes well beyond having just reviews on Google, You should show that you truly care about what you’re doing as a business owner.
  5. Visual Appeal: Aesthetics matter. A great website has to have a very good attractive and cohesive design that aligns with the brand’s identity. The use of colors, fonts, images, and other visual elements should be consistent and visually pleasing.

Secondary Goals


  1. Mobile Responsiveness: In today’s world having a mobile site that is responsive and full of great content is everything.   With the increasing use of mobile devices, a great website must be responsive and look and function well on smartphones and tablets. Mobile optimization is essential for reaching a broader audience.  All of the website creations we build here at American SEO and WEB will have this ability. We  welcome suggestions on our creative content methods at all times.
  2. Fast Loading Times: Do you want to drive away your customers quickly from your website?  Of course not, so having a slow-loading website will surely frustrate users and can lead to high bounce rates. Great websites are optimized for speed, using techniques like image compression, content caching, and efficient coding.  American SEO and WEB tracks the loading of all pages for your site and works to make them as fast as possible for both pc, mobile, and tablets browsers.
  3. Navigation: The website’s navigation should be intuitive, with a clear menu structure that helps users find what they’re looking for quickly. A search function can also be valuable for larger websites.
  4. Security: We know that security is crucial to protect both the website and its users’ data. A great website employs security measures such as SSL certificates, regular updates, and strong authentication processes.  We ensure that we meet or exceed all standard security requirements. Additionally, we work to analyzes sites for changes that might compromise your security and that of your business.
  5. Accessibility: A great website is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. It adheres to web accessibility standards (e.g., WCAG) and provides alternatives for content like alt text for images and captions for videos.  All websites created by American SEO and WEB are fully WCAG compliant.

Technical Goals


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  To have a great website your pages and content have to be optimized for SEO.  So having a well-optimized website ranks higher in search engine results, making it more discoverable.  Your site should have relevant keywords, meta tags, and the content that is being created should be of a high-quality and be shareable to all persons.
  2. Regular Updates: Keeping the website’s content and technology up-to-date is crucial. A stagnant website can deter users and harm its search engine rankings.  Your website should be refreshed with new and engaging content on a regular bases to ensure your customers are getting what they need from you.
  3. Analytics and Tracking: Knowing your website numbers are very important.  Great websites use tools like Google Analytics to monitor user behavior and gather insights. This data helps in making informed decisions for improvements.  It provides you with the information on what your pages are doing and how your customer engagement looks over time.
  4. Legal Compliance:  Don’t risk your businesses good name.  Your website should adhere to relevant laws and regulations, including privacy policies, cookie consent, and copyright laws.  These need to be posted on your site and if you have questions about these you should engage with your legal advisor or attorney to ensure you are in full compliance.
  5. Reliable Hosting and Technical Support: A great website is hosted on a reliable server and has a support system in place to address technical issues promptly.  This is where American SEO and WEB helps you every day.  We are industry experts in getting and keeping your website up and running at all times.

Social Goals

Group of business partners looking at smiling female explaining her ideas at meeting

  1. Social Proof: A excellent business reputation is a huge asset to your website.  It must be part of your business goals when building out a website.   Your business testimonials, reviews, case studies, or endorsements can build trust and credibility.  You should have these easily accessible on your site at all times and ask for your customers to be engaging with these.
  2. Clear Calls to Action (CTAs): CTAs guide users on what to do next, whether it’s making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, or contacting the company.
  3. Scalability: As the website grows, it should be able to accommodate increased traffic and content without major issues.
  4. Cross-Browser Compatibility: The website should work well on different web browsers to ensure a consistent experience for all users.

Ultimately, a great website is not static; it evolves and adapts to meet the changing needs of its audience and the technological landscape. Regularly assessing and optimizing these factors is essential for maintaining a great website.  Let American SEO and WEB show you how to get started with a new website today that will help your business thrive and grow quickly.